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Almas Buenas (Good Souls) is the fruit of a months work in Buenos Aires by Drongomala working with some of the cities finest tango, folklore and jazz artists. The project sees the group playing new latin arrangements of Drongomala songs from his back catalogue which spans work in India, Greece, UK and the US.

Pre-Production: The project was ambitious from the start. Prior to a 2 month trip around Latin America Drongomala had 11 candidate songs translated by reknowed translator Paula Tizzano. After travelling through Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile tuning his ears, heart and mind to Latin America and a Spanish speaking culture Drongomala settled in theAlmagro district in Buenos Aires. The choice for Almagro was two-fold, that it was the spiritual home (Barrio) of tango and that it contained a legendary boxing club. Drongomala started a routine of boxing training for 2 hours every morning and began the search for musicians to collaborate with. Quite soon into the stay he was introduced to Jorge Soldera who after a few meetings became the holistic mentaur of the project. Jorge committed to finding the musicians and working on the songs in pre-production to give the arrangements a latin slant. Drongomala and Jorge worked intensely for the month leading up to recording.

Rehearsals: Drongomala had the luck to get legendary international tango players such as Carlos Corrales and Juan Pablo Navarro as well as Argentinian luminaries and rising stars like Matias Chapiro (acoustic piano), Victor Piseta (spanish guitar) and Jorge Savelon (percusion/drums). A special arrangement for Exploto Trato Day Ser Alguien was written by Carlos Corrales for Bandoneon.

Recording + Mixing : Recording was undertaken in the famous live room of Moevius Studios. Moevius is well known in Latin America for its specialisation in Tango and acoustic recordings. The recordings were all played and sung live over a period of 3 days. Most songs were captured within 2 takes to retain an edge of excitement. Once recorded the mixes were undertaken by Oscar Magariños who engineered the project.

ABOUT Moebio: Moebio is one of the best and finest studio rooms in Argentina specially designed by Carlos Piriz, acoustic engineer recognized throughout Latin America as an ideal for recording acoustic projects.
In this room have recorded the greatest artists of recent times, including Mercedes Sosa, the guitarist and composer Juan Falu, the guitarist Luis Salinas, the violinist, composer and conductor Antonio Agri, Soda Stereo, Fito Paez, Luis Alberto Spinetta, La Camerata Bariloche, there was recorded the historic album "200 Years of Argentina Music" by the Salta Symphony Orchestra, and many other orchestras, because the audio quality obtained in this room is discussed by many to be insurmountable.

Artwork: Juxtaposing the classic nature of the instrumentation Drongomala chose a rising Graphic Novel/Comic artist, Sergio Carrera, to undertake the artwork for the record. He became aware of Sergio through an iPhone graphic novel entitled ´The Eternal City´ which is a story of a reluctant agent of Death who escorts expired Porteños (Buenos Aires folks) to the afterlife. Drongomala "For me Eternal City is a love story to Buenos Aires by Sergio and throws light on not only the characters of this grand city but provides the city itself with a face too showing the different districts, landmarks and buildings."


  • Drongomala - voice
  • Carlos Corrales (bandoneón)
  • Juan Pablo Navarro (Double Bass)
  • Jorge Savelon (Percussion and Drums)
  • Matías Chapiro (Acoustic Piano)
  • Victor Alejandro Piseta (Spanish Guitar)
  • Guillermo Barbera (Trumpet)
  • Jorge Soldera (chorus)
  • Oscar Margariño (Recording Engineer)

  • Producer - Drongomala
  • All songs written by Drongomala except "Exploto Mientras Trato De Ser Alguien" (Blowin´Up Tryin´To Be Someboday) - by Drongomala & Jorge Soldera, with arrangement by Carlos Corrales.
  • Arrangements - Jorge Soldera & Drongomala
  • Translations - Paula Tizzano (with additional translations by Jorge Soldera and Patricia Zaina)
  • Recorded In Estudio Moebius , Buenos Aires, Argentina May 2010
  • Artwork by Sergio Carrera
  • © Copyright 2010 Flying Mountain Productions

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