Things I´ll miss about Buenos Aires, in no particular order, and without reference to the typical tourist sights..............

Things I´ll miss
  • Smart taxi drivers who can engage about music, politics or anything else.
  • Empanadas
  • Bullshit conversations about Maradonna
  • Malbec
  • Meeting up in apartments around 11pm before going out and drinking wine mixed with coke. This is often the most fun part of the night and is revered by Porteños
  • Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad dubbed in Spanish
  • Old people sitting outside cafes watching the world go by
  • T-shirt slogans in English with broken grammar
  • Cheap beer
  • Small children walking about in Lab Coats
  • The Soldera family
  • Steak - Bife de Lomo
  • The modern art
  • Acerbic political satire
  • Spanish terms of endearment for your girlfriend
  • The sense of drama that fills the city
  • Fileteado- the distinctive porteño artwork
  • Friendly people - it´s such a misconception that Porteños are aloof
  • The graphic artists
  • Almagro Boxing Club
  • Being in a context where I can use Spanish
  • The lack of obvious class distinction
  • The horse and cart men (and their family) that collect recycling at 2 in the morning
  • Second rate jugglers operating in the road at traffic lights.
  • Views of the city from the 12th floor
  • The cyan blue of the Argentinian flag
  • The mashup of architecture styles - like Paris/Italy crossed with a noir Batman movie
  • Great second hand clothes shops
  • Mastery of ice-cream
  • A common dislike of Maggie Thatcher
  • The blend of South American and European culture - it´s just right.
  • Kissing on the cheek when you meet
  • Waking up late and going to bed late
  • Clapped out American saloon cars from the 70´s
  • Coffee obsessions
  • Pharmacies that will give you almost anything without prescription
  • Choripàn (sausage in bread)
  • How the streets look in the rain
  • Hearing tango on the Radio
  • Dulce de Leche (milky caramel syrup for all kinds of cake, ice cream)
  • The musicians
  • Not seeing the 2010 World cup here...I leave just before it starts
  • Morcilla (black pudding)
  • The Argentine version of Spanish (Castillian) - I like how it doesn´t have all the ´htth´sounds
  • Cheap massages and service industry (legit I mean!)
  • San Telmo bars and markets
  • Getting a bag of laundry done for 1.50UK
  • Palermo
  • Black market stalls
  • British theme bars that play the Stone Roses all night.

Things I won´t miss
  • Dog mess on the streets
  • The never-ending noise of the streets through the whole night and the public service vehicle sirens that sound like Commodore 64 SID chips through a distortion pedal
  • Lack of really spicy food
  • Obsession with Grunge music from the 90´s among men aged 25 and over
  • Natty 2 peso notes and shopkeepers that are unhappy that you don´t have the correct change
  • Cash machines with a low limit for withdrawals per day
  • Seat belts in cabs that don´t work

Please do comment and leave your own slant on what you will or won´t miss about this city!