Drongomala on Louis 'Oak' Anderson and Up North in the Coalshed (April 08)

At a stag party up on the Scottish island of Jura a friend of mine played me some tracks by Louis 'Oak' Anderson that he wanted me to hear.

I really liked it and I ended up producing an EP for him. I was lucky enough to get Iain Dixon on flute. Ians Flute ran from Macbeth to Puck. I arranged the tracks, sang harmony to Louis and played gypsy percussion on pizza boxes and Oxo canisters.

Louis' answering machine message often says he's moving into a new caravan soon.

This was in 2006 and then the master tapes were stolen. In March 2008 I finally manged to recover the sessions and mix it. a couple of years later and I'm glad I managed it

That island of Jura was where the KLF burned a million pounds. Louis' voice has the sound of loss and anger and tenderness and his metronomic guitar plucking pushes the music forward yet it feels relaxed. I think he sings the gentle songs the best.

Louis has tons of songs and these are just the ones I wanted him to record. I hope you like it.
It's was done Up North In the Coalshed

louis oak anderson - voice and guitar, 
Ian Dixon - flute and clarinet, 
Drongomala - voice and percussion

songs written by Louis Oak Anderson
arranged and produed by Drongomala

Modern Folkfolkavantevoiceacousticguitarjazzflutefoundpercussionmanchestergirlsheartbreak

Released by:

Flying Mountain Productions

Release/catalogue number:


Release date:

1 May 2008