Zeitgeist Orchestra Members

  • TheCreos - turntables on Save Ur Breath. TheCreos first worked with Drongomala on the Elemental record.
  • Dawn Joseph - a fantastic lead singer lends her lush backing vocals for this record. 
  • Juice Aleem - rap on Save Your Breath and Nature Of Thing remixes. Prolific Brummy and leading figure in the UK Hip Hop scene. 
  • Jerome Huxley - trombone on SYB, NOT, TITW. Check out his killer brass band called Brass Roots

Recorded in Spooky Electric Studios

Mixed in Spooky Electric and TheFunk Vault

Tracks Mastered in Abbey Road Studios & The Funk Vault

Artwork by AntKnee and Crack15

Mixes by Glen Nichols except J5+6 - mixed by AntKnee, mastered at Abbey Road Studios 

Graf artist Crack15 from London did the drongomala logo and cartoon illustration. Other artwork by AntKnee.


Recommended if you like Talking Heads, Squarepusher, Beck, Brian Eno, Queen, Breakbeat/Turntablism, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def


1995-2011 "Record making isn't always a linear process. I sometimes have lots going on at the same time and being started first doesn't mean that they are finished first. Looking at the filedates for the songs on this record i see them go back as far as 1995 - that's at least 3 countries, 5 albums and 6 studio setups ago

The albums was originally to be called 'Some Khunt Nicked all my Sh*t' in reference to a break-in that saw earlier versions of the songs stolen by sm*ckheads in a laptop smash and grab. Not to be thwarted I put out Almas Buenas with tangueros from Buenos Aires, released a Hindu devotional album in memory of my dead friend Anoop and put out the single, Garden With You, for this this record.

This album is recommended if you like Talking Heads, Squarepusher, Beck, Brian Eno, Queen, Breakbeat/Turntablism, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, ya de ya.


It’s Jackson Pollock renting a shed next to Parliament Funkadelic
It’s William Burroughs standing in the hall with three radios on in different rooms.
It’s recursive archaeology and imrpovisation in a mobieus band shape.
It’s high and low art swapping shoes and sharing a packed lunch.
It’s harmonically delicious with a blend of raga sensitivity, rock and electronic monoism
It’s turntablism opera remix improv.
It’s a straight up four-to-the-floor dance and kung fu off-beats.

1. Nature of ThingGBKZZ0600130
2. When You Go You Take The Garden With YouGBKZZ0600131
3. Big Empty HousesGBKZZ0600132
4. Save UR Breath (I don't take cheques anymore)GBKZZ0600133
5. This Is The WayGBKZZ0600134
6. Nature of Thing (feat. Juice Aleem)GBKZZ0600135
7. Save UR Breath (feat. Juice Aleem)GBKZZ0600136
8. Immediate HiGBKZZ0600137
9. Nature of Thing (instrumental)GBKZZ0600138
10. Save Your Breath (instrumental)GBKZZ0600139
11. This Is The Way (instrumental)GBKZZ0600140