Anthony Mullen (voice, guitar)
Dave Arnott (bass)
Dave Bernthal (guitar)
Scotty Arnott (drums)
Production - Robin Rankin
Recorded at CaVa Studios, Glasgow
All songs by A.Mullen.
Copyright Flying Mountain Productions

Some flames are only ever the roar of a local bonfire for the few and never the light-bulb for all.

Bartok finally got the razor sharp line-up the songs needed. Anthony Mullen (writer and singer - now Drongomala) along with longtime friend Davy Arnott (bass) had crafted Bartok through various monikers and peoples from across the M8 motorway between Edinburgh and Glasgow. It finally settled with Daves brother Scotty Arnott on drums and Dave Bernthall on guitar. Bartok blossomed in this quartet and the famous CaVa Studios in Glasgow, Scotland captured them at their best. It was the kind of fire that that park benches were used to top up.

Digital came and clobbered all those record company w*nkers so now we can distribute our record to you.

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