Drongomala and 4D met in London, 2003 and worked together for a short period but only in Sep/Oct 2005 did they get the time to get down to a full collaboration. The fruit of this new partnership is the eponymously titled 'Elemental'. Taking place on the kitchen table of 4D's apartment in SanFrancisco the pair got to making music and writing the candidate tracks for the record. Vibes were great and the speed was quick - within a few weeks in Oct05 a host of rappers and musicians came through the door to improvise and knock it back and forth. The kitchen had become a resteraunt where all kinds of plates were being served up. Boom and sizzle - Elemental the album was born.

Guest rappers from the Bay and nearby Oakland shine in the Elemental sessions. Azeem, Blaccsmyth, Folklore, Hanif and Tiye Selha all rap on the album. On one track , 'When I was Young' - everyone does a verse and this track is almost the emblem of the album.

Review by Closing Time Magazine......

The wonderful cover, by someone called LeJon500, helps set the scene for an album full of characters. Produced by Drongomala and 4D there are 20 songs on here and they are a mix of styles due to the variation of rappers on the record. This makes for a healthy mix and an interesting ride. Azeem provides deep street authority while Blaccsmyth provides fire very reminiscent of Busta Rhymes. Turntablism, by TheCreos, is used as an instrument rather than for 'spot pieces' and I like the feel it gives the album - the sound of vinyl among the controlled chaos of the production is well balanced. The record was made during the New Orleans disaster and the tone of the album is flavoured a little by this - Azeem especially sticks his oar into political waters.

If you are sick of hip-pop and want some real jams from the underground - this is it - gritty and real.

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1 January 2006