by Drongomala

The new project DatZo (Drongomala and the Zeitgeist Orchestra) is underway. I was taking time out raising kids and getting them musical…that and some piano practice. The idea is 50 tracks for this project connecting with people I’ve worked with over the decades and connecting with a whole bunch more. I’m also getting the fam involved.

We got two tracks done recently while in New England, USA - Count the Love and How Do You Spend Your Time.

These two tracks featured some great musicians - Bob Metzger (bass, guitar), Allen Sandman (Weissenborn Lap Slide, mandolin) and Matt Dean Rooster (djembe, cajon, percussion). I played the ukulele which I picked up for the first time a few weeks before the sessions. The whole family sang on the songs too - that Von Trapp business is only going to escalate.

The sessions were ran by the most excellent Carl Franklin in his Pwop studios in New England.

2 down 48 to go.