While in India Drongomala got the inspiration to play some of his favourite gospel songs with South Indian musicians and friends. It was a whim in the remaining three days in the country and was hurriedly arranged.

The musicians were more used to Hindu devotional recordings and most had never heard any of the tracks being recorded for the record. The musicians gave their heart and soul to the project and their fresh ears on the melodies and moods of these classics adds a new dimension to the traditional gospel greats.

The record is not something that should be classed as strictly Christian or Hindu - the musicians themselves were a mix of Christian, Hindu, Muslim and agnostic but all had the same goal of trying to make a record about universal peace. We just happened to use some old gospel songs to get there. We are pluralists. Music and life itself is our religion.

The studio recording was also joined by painters capturing the scene from which some paintings were done.

A big heart, a romantic sound and hits the Zeitgeist right in the important bits.

Gospel & Carnatic South Indian Folkgospelcarnaticfolkamericasouthindiachoirveenamridanghamdoublebass

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Flying Mountain Productions

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Release date:

1 October 2006